WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.


Wholesale Inquiry

How Can I Become Your Wholesaler?

  • Please contact us or email marketing@sosoulvape.com.

What Is Your Wholesale Pricing?

How Can I Purchase Your Products?

  • Please contact us. Someone will get back to you and help you ASAP.

Can I Get More Information to Promote Your Products?

  • Please email marketing@sosoulvape.com, and we will provide you with detailed marketing materials.

General Inquiry

What Is So Soul?

  • So Soul is a creative and dynamic vape brand which believes that innovation could bring freedom of the soul. So Soul has been a maverick and unconventional company from the beginning. Our founder Luna Wang and the employees are often considered as dreamers. We believe that you shouldn't have to compromise style for substance. So Soul is more than just a brand, it's a lifestyle. It's about being confident, feeling good, and living life to the fullest. We have a passion for what we do and it shows in our products. So Soul product design concept originates from artists all over the world for better combinations of the artistic imagination and technical design. Whenever a new product is released, it can cause a shock in the industry with not only excellent quality but also aesthetics. Currently, So Soul’s products are sold globally in North America, Europe and Asia.

What Is the Minimum Age to Purchase So Soul vape?

  • You must be of legal smoking age in your state / country.

How to Use So Soul?

  • Simply open the package, and then start vaping!

How Long Can a So Soul vape Last?

  • It depends on how heavily you vape and how often you use it. So Soul provides vapes from 600+ puffs to 10000 puffs.

How to Know When a So Soul Vape Is Empty?

  • When you cannot puff out anything, it is empty.

How to Authenticate My So Soul Vape?

  • To verify your product, please click here. click here.

What Are the So Soul Warranty and Return Policy?

  • Please contact the retailer where your device was purchased, and provide your original purchase receipt.
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